Not So Happy Ending


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Its time for Simon (Adam Black) to visit his local sports massage centre. After Some persistent muscle pain during training he'd been advised to get some treatment from a sport massage specialist. The visit takes place as arranged and the session get started.

After a short while the phone rings and the Masseur (Johan Volny) has to leave the clinic. Simon sees his chance. He had already noticed a wallet on the table in the corner when coming in to the room. Now he slips quietly off the massage table and grabs the cash, making sure he's back in position before the Masseur gets back.

Unfortunately on returning the Masseur realises what been going on and decides in return to lay on a more sever type of therapy! He's not happy at all that a young whipper-snapper like Simon can come in to his clinic and attempt to steal money. The boys going to have to pay dearly for this abuse of trust.

The massage now becomes a series of good hard slaps to the lads bare bottom. This stinging spanking is going to be a prelude to some hard licks from a wooden paddle. However, advantages can be taken by both sides and young Simon is going to have to pleasure his punisher too! He is made to take hold of the Masseurs rock hard cock while in turn he receives hard scolding slaps to his fast reddening bare bottom. Then the paddle is brought in to play and the boy must now take the masseurs throbbing member in to his mouth and suck hard! This is pain and humiliation for Simon and sublime pleasure for the masseur who is thoroughly enjoying his new role as master!

The Masseur feels that the payback can't end without some sort of proper instrument of massage being used. So to lead to a real final climax the Chinese birch is brought in to action. Simon can only wince and gag as the whippy rattan rods burn in to defenceless bare bottom. Its not the sort of therapy he was expecting but it has left him with more than just a warm glow in the muscles at the rear!